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Mason Sawyer. July 25, 2022 at 6 PM located at Utah Tech University in the Dunford Auditorium. 

On the anniversary of a tragic car accident that claimed Mason's wife, son, daughter, brother and nephew. Mason will share a powerful message on resilience through adversity and the 10/90 principle. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

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Mason Sawyer and Sam Josie share their stories of loss and trials and invite others to do so with them. Join them in using the 10/90 rule and learn to focus on what you can control. You can turn life’s greatest obstacles into opportunities.

Mason Sawyer

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November 28, 2023


On this episode of The 10 Ninety Podcast Mason and Ryan talk about things that probably should be left to qualified professionals.  We talk about top 10 states that struggle with suicide and depression and discuss whether there's a difference between grief and clinical depression.  If you're hurting.  Please talk to someone.

November 20, 2023

Quackenbush: ANXIETY

my therapist joins me again on the show to talk about ANXIETY. Why it's good and how it can be bad. I always enjoy having Matt on. I think he knows his stuff but I see him more as a buddy than a "therapist". Brindy (Matt's Wife) also joined us as well and talked a lot about breath work and breath therapy. Thanks guys, always love having you on Matt. Thanks for all you do for me.

November 5, 2023

Robert Beatty

Founder and CEO of the mental health franchise, Zion Healing inc. Robert went from being on top of the world in his 30's as a young millionaire after his company went public. Alcohol and other things took Robert from the top to the bottom, when he was homeless for two years on the streets of Salt Lake City. After nearly dying, Robert found his way back to the top and has found success in helping other people heal and battle their own addictions. Thanks Robert, you're the man.

October 22, 2023

Matt Blanchard

Not sure how many people have experienced what Matt has. The pian he experiences is both improbable and cruel I think. How Matt endures it, is truly inspiring. Loved hearing his persepctive and what his 90% looks like. Thanks Matt! I admire your courage and ability to find a little beauty in a lot of ugly.

October 16, 2023

Nathan's Story

On this episode of The 10 Ninety Podcast we talk about Nathan from Australia.   Throughout Nathan's life he has dealt with abandonment from parents, introduction to drugs and alcohol at an early age, and using anger to cope with his trauma.  Nathan sought help from doctors and was not seeing improvements from the prescribed medication.  After a number of different traumas that Nathan faced he eventually met Craig Lithgow.  Craig opened up his heart to Nathan and this was the beginning of improvement for Nathan.  Nathan's story is a reminder of the importance of human connection.  Like Nathan we all seek connection through different ways.  We talk about how genuine connection with people who care for you and show you love is some of the best medicine available.

October 2, 2023

Parker Lee

On this episode of the 10 Ninety podcast we interview Parker Lee. We talk with Parker about the chaos you can invite into your life through people pleasing. How to balance the principle of we>me while living a life authentic to yourself. We talk about the importance of not comparing your pain to others.

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