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Mason with his son Blue

Mason Sawyer was born and raised in West Jordan, Utah where he excelled as a point guard and dedicated basketball player. Mason’s athletic accomplishments include Utah All-state, Regional Most Outstanding Player, All Academic Region Team, a scholarship offer from Boise State. After winning a State Championship his senior year of high school, he went on to play college basketball for Utah Tech formerly Dixie State. Mason married his high school sweetheart Kortni Atkinson. He went on to earn a college degree in Psychology while Kortni earned her Nursing degree. Upon graduation, Mason went on to teach Psychology and was selected the Varsity Basketball head coach at his Alma Mater, West Jordan Highschool.   Mason and Kortni were the parents of three children, two sons, Riggins and Blue, and one daughter, Franki. Mason was presented with a great opportunity to move to St. George Utah with his family in the summer of 2021 to become a basketball skills trainer at Nets on Fire. Shortly after the move his life was shattered as his family was involved in a fatal car accident that took the lives of his brother Race Sawyer, his nephew Rider Sawyer, his wife Kortni, his son Riggins, and his daughter Franki. The accident occurred on July 25, 2021. Mason has now become solely focused on raising his son, Blue, who survived the car accident. His mission is to help other people by living the 10/90 Principle. This principal of life being 10% what happens to you and 90% how you respond has inspired him to start a podcast named The10ninety.  He has gone on to share his message as a public speaker.

Sam and his family

Samuel Josie was born and raised in West Jordan, Utah. Sam Graduated from West Jordan High School in 2007. From there, Sam went on to complete his Bachelors of Communication at Utah Texh  University (formally Dixie State. Sams love for education continued to grow as he obtained a Masters of Education Administration, from Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.   Sam currently works as the Manager over the Student Government department at Utah Valley University. Sam has a wife and 2 kids (twin girls)  with 1 more (another girl) on the way. Sam met his wife (Kaylee), while down in St. George, Utah, attending school. Kaylee has a degree in Accounting.   Sam has a rare form of Dwarfism called Ellis-Van-Crevled Syndrome. It naturally affects his bone growth and development as well as abnormalities to his fingers (born with 6 fingers on each hand), legs, and teeth. Sam stopped growing at the age of 17 and stands at 5’1. Being this short has created a number of challenges for Sam throughout his life. Things like dating, playing sports, working hard impact jobs, writing, driving, and just everyday tasks proved to be more difficult given his circumstances. With over 17 surgeries on various bones in his body, Sam has had to learn to adapt to his situation, rise above the negativity, and find ways to succeed.   Sam started this Podcast with Mason Sawyer to help deliver a message to others who might be going through their own trials, whether that be a loss of a loved one, bullying, anxiety or depression. Sam hopes to share his message and lessons learned by using the 10/90 method. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% what you make of it.  

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