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On this episode of The 10 Ninety Podcast Mason talks with Jana White.  Jana has been a high school psychology teacher and cross country coach for over 20 years.  She has trained as a triathlete for most of her life and completed an ironman.  Jana is a badass.  In 2014 Jana lost her father and mother, Hubert Issel and Alana L. Uibel to a side by side accident.  Jana's son Cooper and niece Evelyn were also involved in the accident.  Jana worked as an EMT prior to the accident and talks to us about what she did to help save her son's life.  Cooper suffered a traumatic brain injury from the accident and his recovery is an amazing story of turning trauma into triumph.  Jana talks to us about helping her kids work through life's challenges and never giving up.  Jana talks to us about the accident, her journey with grief, and the experience helping h er son Cooper with his recovery. Jana is a true hero, not just in that terrible moment with her family, but ever since then, her 90% is inspiring.

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