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On this episode of the 10 Ninety Podcast we talk with Logan and Ciara Raban about their son Duke.  At 7 months Duke was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer called ATRT.  Logan and Ciara walk us through the days leading up to the diagnosis, their time with Duke at Primary Children's hospital, and the moments just before Duke's passing on June 29th, 2021.  Logan and Ciara share with us how they have processed the passing of their son differently and how they have maintained love and understanding for each other through their grief.  Almost immediately after Duke's passing they found out Ciara was pregnant with Brooks.  Brooks is now 18 months old.  Logan and Ciara are an example of "clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose." They are wonderful parents and we know that Duke and Brooks are proud to call them Mom and Dad.  #DukeStrong

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