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"You may not be responsible for getting knocked down. But you're certainly responsible for getting back up." -Wally Amos Seth Gehle was not responsible for his dad being in prison after trying to kill his mom, his mom being a drug addict and having addicts come and go as they pleased in and out of Seths house and bedroom. Seth found comfort in a adult friend who provided attention, food, shelter and safety. And then this adult "friend" ended up sexually molesting Seth over 300 times as well as raping him. Seth was not responsible for many things in his life, but it is his responsibility to get back up, and I'm not sure how he does it, but he does. Some parts of this episode are gross and will make you sick to your stomach but Seth deserves a place where he can talk about his trauma and all the details that come with it. Imagine being raped as a young boy, and no one wants to hear you talk about it. Not even the good guys want to hear you talk about it. Well, that's dumb. I am glad you felt comfortable sharing your story Seth. Love you man.

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