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Sam and Mason dicuss Franki's favorite movie Tangled in honor of Mason and Kortni's 10 year anniversary and Franki's 4th Birthday. Franki: Happy Birthday Princess. Today you would have turned four. I am grateful and cherish the life you had and the joy you gave everyone including me. I am haunted by what once was mine. Haunted by the future and what could/should have been. Love you forever and always Franki. Kortni: How lucky am I to love someone so much to feel this miserable. Death and pain has shown me how much love I truly have for you. Trying my hardest without you. Haunted by what could have been and so lucky to have what we did. I'd go through hell over and over again if it meant being with you and having Riggins, Blue, and Franki. Slapshot regatta! Love you always and forever. Happy 10 year anniversary Kort.

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