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Sammy and Andrew Hardman

In this episode of The 10 Ninety Podcast Mason talks with Sammy and Andrew Hardman.  On February 10, 2022 Sammy and Andrew lost their son Drayke Andrew Hardman to suicide. They talk about Drayke's love for basketball, his kind heart, the day of and the battle in the hospital while Drayke was in a coma, the Hardman's journey with grief, and what we can do to help kids who are being bullied.

Amanda Hurst

In this episode of The 10 Ninety Podcast, we sit down with Amanda Hurst.  Amanda lost her husband, Clever Hurst, to suicide on June 5th, 2020.  Mason and Ryan talk with Amanda about the persistent taboo surrounding suicide and the need to recognize signs of depression in those we care about.  They discuss the experience Amanda had being married to Cleve for 12 years, the nuances between grief and depression, and the crucial importance of reaching out for help if you're experiencing suicidal ideation.

Tim and Becky Graff

On this episode of the 10 Ninety Podcast we talk to Tim and Becky Graff for the second time.  To hear the full story about the day they lost their daughters you can go back and listen to episode 20.  On May 11, 2020 Tim and Becky lost their two daughters Ellie and Kinsley to a flash flood while hiking through Little WIldhorse Canyon.  During this episode we talk about what Tim and Becky are doing 4 years later and what they do to manage their grief.

Mitch Whetman (part 2)

On this episode of The 10 Ninety Podcast Mason and Ryan talk to Mitch Whetman.  If you haven't heard Mitch's story go back and listen to episode 15 where we first talk about Mitch's sister Whitney.  Whitney passed away from suicide on July 16, 2010.  Mitch said in the first episode we recorded with him that when you lose a loved one, "they die in pieces."  Since our last interview Mitch got married and had his first baby, and son, Nashton Bret Whetman.  On this episode we talk about the difficulty of accepting the good things happening in your life when your loved ones aren't there to witness it.  We talk about what we do to tap into the idea of We>Me and we talk about Mitch's spiritual journey while walking with grief.

7 Deadly Sins

Mason and Ryan go a bit off the rails on this one.  Listen at your own risk.

Kuri Bolger

On this episode of The 10 Ninety podcast we interview Kuri Bolger.  On March 5th 2022 Kuri and her family were involved in an F4 tornado in Winterset Iowa.  Kuri, her son Brysen, her brother, and her stepfather were the only survivors.  Kuri lost her husband Mike Bolger, her daughter Kinlee, her son Owen, and her mother Melissa Bazley.  In this episode Mason and Kuri talk about the difficulties of grieving multiple people at the same time.  They also talk about how the best way to honor the loved ones they have lost is to live a life they would be proud of.  They talk about how sharing their grief with others has given them strength and helps them feel closer to the loved ones they have lost.


On this episode of The 10 Ninety Podcast Mason and Ryan talk about things that probably should be left to qualified professionals.  We talk about top 10 states that struggle with suicide and depression and discuss whether there's a difference between grief and clinical depression.  If you're hurting.  Please talk to someone.

Quackenbush: ANXIETY

my therapist joins me again on the show to talk about ANXIETY. Why it's good and how it can be bad. I always enjoy having Matt on. I think he knows his stuff but I see him more as a buddy than a "therapist". Brindy (Matt's Wife) also joined us as well and talked a lot about breath work and breath therapy. Thanks guys, always love having you on Matt. Thanks for all you do for me.

Robert Beatty

Founder and CEO of the mental health franchise, Zion Healing inc. Robert went from being on top of the world in his 30's as a young millionaire after his company went public. Alcohol and other things took Robert from the top to the bottom, when he was homeless for two years on the streets of Salt Lake City. After nearly dying, Robert found his way back to the top and has found success in helping other people heal and battle their own addictions. Thanks Robert, you're the man.

Matt Blanchard

Not sure how many people have experienced what Matt has. The pian he experiences is both improbable and cruel I think. How Matt endures it, is truly inspiring. Loved hearing his persepctive and what his 90% looks like. Thanks Matt! I admire your courage and ability to find a little beauty in a lot of ugly.

Nathan's Story

On this episode of The 10 Ninety Podcast we talk about Nathan from Australia.   Throughout Nathan's life he has dealt with abandonment from parents, introduction to drugs and alcohol at an early age, and using anger to cope with his trauma.  Nathan sought help from doctors and was not seeing improvements from the prescribed medication.  After a number of different traumas that Nathan faced he eventually met Craig Lithgow.  Craig opened up his heart to Nathan and this was the beginning of improvement for Nathan.  Nathan's story is a reminder of the importance of human connection.  Like Nathan we all seek connection through different ways.  We talk about how genuine connection with people who care for you and show you love is some of the best medicine available.

Parker Lee

On this episode of the 10 Ninety podcast we interview Parker Lee. We talk with Parker about the chaos you can invite into your life through people pleasing. How to balance the principle of we>me while living a life authentic to yourself. We talk about the importance of not comparing your pain to others.

Golden Buddha from Finding Joe

Craig Lithgow told me about this movie called "Finding Joe" which is based off of the life and teachings of Joseph Campbell and what he calls the hero's journey. So we watched the movie together when we were in Australia and I loved it. One of my favorite parts of the movie was the first scene. It was about this golden budah. Thought I would share some of the thoughts I had about it.

Christian Sandoval: TAT

On this episode we talk with Christian Sandoval.  Christian is a retired veteran serving in the United States Army and ended his career as a Master Sergeant.  He has a Masters degree in Human Performance and a Masters in organizational leadership.  He is the owner  and operator of TAT (total athlete performance).   TAT helps athletes improve their speed, agility, strength, conditioning, and nutrition.   On this episode we talk with Christian about facing the coward in all of us, leadership, the transfer portal for athletes, stoicism, the importance of intention, and building resilience in the body and mind.

Logan and Ciara Raban

On this episode of the 10 Ninety Podcast we talk with Logan and Ciara Raban about their son Duke.  At 7 months Duke was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer called ATRT.  Logan and Ciara walk us through the days leading up to the diagnosis, their time with Duke at Primary Children's hospital, and the moments just before Duke's passing on June 29th, 2021.  Logan and Ciara share with us how they have processed the passing of their son differently and how they have maintained love and understanding for each other through their grief.  Almost immediately after Duke's passing they found out Ciara was pregnant with Brooks.  Brooks is now 18 months old.  Logan and Ciara are an example of "clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose." They are wonderful parents and we know that Duke and Brooks are proud to call them Mom and Dad.  #DukeStrong

Episode 1

Mason and Sam introduce the 10/90 rule. Thank you to our sponsor Nets On Fire.

Episode 2

Mason and Sam discuss the night of the car accident that took the lives of Mason's wife, son, daughter, brother, and nephew. Join us in focusing on how we need to open up more and talk about our obstacles. Thank you to our sponsor macronsbybreanna.

Episode 3

Mason and Sam discuss the challenges Sam faced growing up with Dwarfism along with along with challenges he faces everyday as an adult with Dwarfism. Join us in continuing our discussion of overcoming obstacles by applying the 10/90 method. This week's episode is sponsored by Priority Property Maintenance. 

Episode 4

Mason and Sam answer listener questions that have been sent in.  Literally pulling the questions randomly out of a hat. They cover questions ranging from religion, conversations with Blue, Lebron vs Jordan, their most embarrassing moment, keeping perspective, and more.

Episode 5

A visit with Matt Quackenbush as he shares his expertise and insights as a trauma therapist. He is the owner and creator of the Finding Strength Podcast and the Finding Strength Method, a cutting edge therapeutic treatment approach.  He and has been instrumental in helping Mason as a therapist. This episode is sponsored by  Alex Pedroni of Utah Real Estate .  Find her at @your_realestategirl for all your real estate needs. Thank you so much for your support.

Episode 6

Mason visits with Fred Yogo, who shares his life’s challenges of growing up in Kenya and then immigrating to the United States.   “Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.”   - Epictetus Thanks for this week’s sponsor, Dr. Jason Bruse, foot surgeon in Davis County.  801-397-6150 And Nets on Fire for their continued support.

Episode 7

Mason and Sam visit with Nick and Janessa Whatcott as they share their journey of losing their young son, Nixon, to cancer.  Their story is inspirational.  This month is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Do something to brighten the life child battling cancer.   This episode is sponsored by G.O.A.T. Athletic Spa in South Jordan, Utah.  Thank you for listening and for  your support.

Episode 8

Sam and Mason answer questions sent in by listeners. This episode is sponsored by Desert Pain Specialist of St. George Utah. As well as Synergy Dance Academy of West Jordan Utah. Thank you for your support.

Episode 9

Sam and Mason sit down with Brook Pando as she discusses the obstacle of having their daughter Londy suffer from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome type 6a. Their attitude and perserverance is inspiring. Thank you to our sponsors!

Episode 10

This week Mason and Sam interview Shawn Vierra as he shares his story of trauma and how he has been able to move forward. This episode is sponsored by Polished Audio.  Thank you for your support.

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Episode 19 The Raft

Sam and Mason discuss The Parable of the Raft which they heard from Noah Rashetta's podcast: Secular Buddhism. Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go" -Hermann Hesse

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